The New Sharing Mode of

Dear Friends,

When you see this page, means that Google has shut down my blogs.

Although I have been as  ”Lay Low” as possible,  after more than 1 year, over 2000 posts and over 600GB files, “they” finally found here and destroyed it.

Since all my posts in , and were lost, here is comes the new mode to share files:

1. There will be no image and introduction about the files anymore, this new place will be “pure”!

If you want to know the introduction of the new videos, I suggest you to go to the original websites to have a check.

2. All the old files will be saved in the “Archives” folders with the short names of each websites. Here “old” means the files already be published in the old blog and other clips which are not new published by the original website.

3. New videos will be published daily (almost) in the folders named by the data.  After 10 days the new videos will be moved to the “Archives” folders. Here “new videos” mean it is just  published by the original websites.

If you used to be here before, you know which new videos will be published in which day of the week.

Check the newest daily folder sever times a day because it will update during the whole day time.

4. Since I will publish my whole folder here, this means it is much easier for them to report the files, so if you want to download, you need to be very quick!

5. If you like here, just “Lay Low”, and don’t tell it to other people unless you are close friends.

6.If you really like here, you can always support me by doing donation via paypal: